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Soil Conditioner Granules

Soil Conditioner Granules
Soil Conditioner Granules
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Product Description

soil conditioner granules:-
it can be used to rebuild the soil quality which have been damaged by improper management.It is having unique ingredient that helps in offering better micro and macro nutrient uptake by crops & plants for a longer period of time.All nutrient are available which are required to the plant growth and high yield production.Soil tend to become compacted over time which is bad for plants and  soil conditioner granulescan add to bring smooth and texture soil.It contain calcium, magnesium, iron, sulphur copper, manganese and other micronutrients which are useful to maintain balanced PH level

Available micro and macronutrients in soil conditioner granules :
Iron , sulphur, calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese, sodium, potassium, zinc, molybdenum , and boron.

soil conditioner granules contain the following Secondary nutrients with significant level by nature:

calcium oxide – 0.70%

Magnesium oxide – 1.65%

Sulphur – 1.31%

The above secondary nutrient is act in the below roll when we apply to the crops:

 soil conditioner granulesis having high level iron percentage by nature. Iron as Fe – 11.00 %, it act in the below roll, when we apply to the crops. We can able to supply iron percentage as per the customer requirements


Promotes formation of chlorophyll

Acts as an oxygen carrier

Reactions involving cell division and growth

 soil conditioner granules naturally contain the below micronutrients:

Copper – 0.20%

manganese – 0.20%

Zinc, boron, and molybdenum - in ppm level

The above micronutrient will act in the below roll when we apply to the crops:

Catalyzes several plant processes

Major function in photosynthesis

Major function in reproductive stages

Indirect role in chlorophyll production

Increases sugar content

Intensifies color

Improves flavor of fruits and vegetables


Functions as a part of certain enzyme systems

Aids in chlorophyll synthesis

Increases the availability of P and CA


Essential of germination of pollon grains and growth of pollen tubes

Essential for seed and cell wall formation

Promotes maturity

Necessary for sugar translocation

Affects nitrogen and carbohydrate


Required to form the enzyme "nitrate reductas" which reduces nitrates to ammonium in plant

Aids in the formation of legume nodules

Needed to convert inorganic phosphates to organic forms in the plant


Aids plant growth hormones and enzyme system

Necessary for chlorophyll production

Necessary for carbohydrate formation

Necessary for starch formation

Aids in seed formation