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PSM liquid

PSM  liquid
PSM liquid
Product Code : 14
Product Description

High tech PSM   (liquid)

Up to 40 to 50 percent of P2O5 (Phosphurus pentoxide) after separating from Phosphatic fertilizer, became unavailable due to formation of bond (salt) with cation like Ca, Mg, Fe etc. Microbes of High tech PSM release varios enzyme which break bond between cation (viz.,Ca, Mg, Fe) and P2O5 and make P2O5 free for consumption by plants. By this, cost of application of phosphatic fertilizer is reduced. Microbes also release P2O5 deposited previously applied fertilizer.

Mostly farmer uses DAP as a prophetic source. As we apply DAP it get dissolve and liberate P2O5. These P2O5 have negative valiancy so remain negatively charge. In soil there is so many positive charged element is present like Zn, Cu, Fe, Ca etc. so positive and negative get attracted and make fix bond. These bonds become unavailable to plant and thus P2O5 become as available salt. Day by day these salts get deposited and soil becomes hard. When PSB microbes incorporated in soil they release various organic acids which break this bond of positive negative and make P2O5 available to plants.

This bactarium is also produce plant useful hormone, enzyme and vitamines.

Product benefits :

- Save up to 50 % application of phosphatic chemical fertilizer
- Add up to 10-15 kg phosphorus per hectare per year
- Reduce soil erosion
- During solubilization of phosphorus, liberate various micronutrient which can be use full for plant as a food
- Improve plant vigor, plant health etc.
- Increase beneficial soil biomass
- Improve soil texture and soil fertilely
- It help to increases the crop yield

Direction for use :

1)    1-2 lit/acre as direct soil application

2)    Can be applied with any organic fertilizer

3)    Spot application  ®  150 ml/pump as soil drench

4)    Spray on ratoon just after cutting of crop  ® 100ml/pump

Form available

- Liquid form

Packing available

        - Liquid form –   500 ml , 1 lit
Potency :

 Liquid form ® 2 x 107 cells/ml